Solar Battery Storage

Keep saving on your electricity costs even when the sun isn’t shining by using the stored energy generated by your solar panels.

Tesla powerwall


13.5kWh usable in each battery and scalable – stack up to 10 units for a huge 135kWh of storage!

Qcell Solar Battery


Q CELLS solar panels AND BATTERIES are not a bargain-basement product, but neither are they unaffordable

Alpha ESS Solar Battery

Alpha ESS

Residential and  Large Commercial storage solutions avaiable with single phase and 3 phase options

LG Chem Soalr Battery

LG Chem

High Efficiency battery capable of reusing 94.5% of the stored power with a variety of storage sizes up to 23.4kWh

What Solar Battery is Right for Me?

Here at Nepean Battery Solutions we are passionate about renewable energy. Adding Batteries to your new or existing solar system helps you maximise the most from your solar system.

Key Factors to consider when choosing a solar battery to add to your new or existing solar system:

  • Will your solar system generate sufficient excess energy from your solar panels each day to charge your battery?
  • Do you have sufficient space to install the battery?
  • What size battery will be needed to store and supply enough energy for your needs? This will depend on the nature of your household appliances, and your household energy usage patterns. Shift workers may have different needs from a family who all get home from work or school at the same time.
  • How do you expect to use your battery system? Is your aim to save money in the long term? To contribute to sustainability? Or have a backup plan for blackouts?

 There is no black and white answer to which Solar Battery is best, It entirely depends on your situation. At Nepean Solar we take the time to inspect your property in person and do an in-depth investigation to determine the best solar system and solar battery to suit your individual situation. 

Solar Battery
Solar Battery Price

Benefits of Adding a Solar Battery Storage System.

Installing a Solar Battery Storage system can provide a number of benefits when installed in conjunction with an existing Solar System or as a new complete solar package.

A battery storage system can:

Store excess solar energy so it can be used at night.
Help further reduce your reliance on fossil fuel-based electricity from the grid.
Offset the increased cost of power used during peak times, such as during the evening.
Save money by storing energy from the grid overnight when prices are low to use during peak times when prices are high (depending on the agreement you have with your retailer).
Provide electricity to your home during power outages (depending on your system).

Can I Add a Battery to An Existing Solar System?

Wondering whether or not you can add solar batteries into your existing solar system, the simple answer in most cases is yes!

 There are several ways you can integrate a solar battery into your existing solar PV system.

First your existing invertor may already be battery ready, most inverters built in the last couple of years have this option.

Secondly if your invertor is not battery ready you can install a new invertor along side your current one to control the battery or replace the existing invertor.

Thirdly there are some batteries systems on the market that may fulfil your needs that don’t require a seperate inverter. 

Not sure if your invertor is battery ready? Speak to one of our solar experts at Nepean Solar today and we can help guide you through the solar battery process.  

Solar panel battery

Our Process

At Nepean Battery Solutions, we take the time to visit the site and do a full site inspection so we can tailor design a complete solar system or add a solar battery to suit your home or business requirements. By evaluating the site and your typical energy usage we use advanced design software, we deliver a solar PV system that caters to your specific needs and budget.


Call or send us an enquiry.  One of our team members will get in touch with you to gather information and arrange a consultation. 

Site Visit

One of our team members will complete a full inspection and evaluation of your site to find the most effection position for your install. 


Once we visit the site we can design it for your needs . Once complete, we will organise a time to present the installation quote to you.


All installtions are completed by our team of in-house trained technicians who work to the highest professional standards.

Post Installation

Our trained technicians are available to assist with any questions relating to the operation and performance of your solar system.

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Drop Us a Line

Let us know if you have any questions as we are here to help and make sure you end up with a solar system or solar battery that if right for you. 

8:00am – 4:30pm

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Shop B/201-211 High St,

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Drop Us a Line

Let us know if you have any questions as we are here to help and make sure you end up with a solar system or solar battery that if right for you.